« The story of the Indien is a family story »
It begins in 1967. At this time, our parents ran a stand in St-Ouen, Avenue Michelet. Our father sits in a suit, dressed as an Indian, which give him his nickname. With his long brocade waistcoat and Indian headdress, he exhibits the clothes he creates during the week. Hippie clothing, gypsy or ethnic style corresponds to the fashion of the moment. He buys from surplus Americans, capes that he modified, sold and all Paris bought.

Baron de Lima, famous beatnik figure, brings us all the artists he rubs shoulders with: Demis Roussos, Cerrone, Pierre Billon... All the artistic fauna rushes home so that we end up, among other things, dressing up the musical Hair, and later the "Magic Circus" tour by Johnny Hallyday.

Even the members of the Scorpio group come to our house to dress!

I. Clignancourt

L'indien (The Indian) : this nickname became the name of his store in 1971, of "puces de Clignancourt". Rue des Rosiers, where he was still steeped in alternative culture, he began selling his first rock clothes. Creator, he makes part of the clothes he wears, which he sells. The other part comes directly from England.

Heroic times, golden age, it is the pinnacle of Punk, hard rock, kilt, perfecto, nails, patches and T-shirts of bands. Sales are made by dancing against the backdrop of Santana, or Satisfaction of the Rolling Stones! The best sellers are Slayer, Anthrax, Iron Maiden...

"The ascent continues. BIG NAMES come to our store such as METALLICA, NIRVANA, LOUDBLAST, TRUST, TELEPHONE, ..."
We moved to 8 Rue du Croissant in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. We went from retailer to wholesaler, and we supply most of the rock stores of the moment. Among other things, we make the first punk pants, in zipped Scottish tartan, which we even ship to the United States!

The 1980s also saw the appearance of the New Wave with the emergence of Cure, Depeche Mode... But also in rock, that of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC ... But from 1995 to 2000 rock collapsed with the advent of hip-hop culture and the emergence of bands such as Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan. Street Market (puces de clignancourt) use is changing. Customers desert and our father is swept away by health problems. Rude passage.

II. "Prise de la Bastille". 

In 2001, we still kept the market shop for a while, but decided to move to Bastille, where we took a small shop 36 Keller Street. It all starts again with a new generation of young people who rediscover nirvana's rock and grunge.

"The world is scrambling. They call us "The Pogo Shop"
It's the renaissance, thanks to reggae/ragga with the great period Pierpoljak,Tiken Jah Fakoly . But the neo-metal comes to sweep all this in the same period! Korn, Slipknot, SOAD, Deftones... are now part of the décor, and impose their look! It's the time of the baggy, and the XXL t-shirt! This new clientele is back in fashion badges, nails and group t-shirts.

III. Extension. 

In our 40M2 we suffocate, we must expand, in 2003, we open a second shop at 30 Keller Street, temporarily close the 36, and definitely the street market shop at "puces de Clignancourt". The scene continues to follow us, and it is now artists, like Pleymo, Darkness Dynamite, Luke, La Ruda... who visit us. At the same time, we are opening the first version of our website.

In 2007, a new generation arrived. It's the famous "Emos". Exit the wide sartorial look. Make way for slim, underpants vans and super colorful clothes! We open again, after work, the shop at 30 Keller Street to satisfy them. We now have 2 shops!

Facebook is appear, we're creating our page, which now has more than 98,000 fans! A few years later, in 2009, it was the wave of teenagers fans of Tokio Hotel, Indochina and Japanese Visual key bands that made the scene live. The shop at 30 keller Street is heading for the Goth Lolita. The former customers, now come to dress their children!

In 2018, the famous shoe brand New Rock trusts us to open a shop in Paris.
This is how New Rock Paris opened at 25 Rue Keller in Paris, the fruit of the collaboration between New Rock and the Indian Boutique.

FINAL / Thanks.

Today, still in rock and alternative clothing, we are still here, doing our best to satisfy you, constantly looking for new brands, organizing events, contests, signing sessions and others.

Thank you all for bringing the stage to life, to the artists to exist and to support us, because it is thanks to you that today we are here!

See you !

The family (Myriam, David, Manu and Sonia) & the employees.